25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (2024)

Office design often serves as the foundation for contemporary workspace organisation. Get inspired with this comprehensive curation of the 25 best modern office interior design examples.

In the post-pandemic workplace, it comes as no surprise that employee productivity has evolved into a central focus for contemporary organizations. An increasing number of businesses direct their attention towards environmental factors and conditions that enhance work efficiency, empowering their workforce to maximise productivity and drive profits.

Within this context, modern office design has emerged as a pivotal factor influencing workspace productivity. Workstations are no longer mere reflections of a company's opulence, they are also crafted to promote employee well-being and prioritise workspace flexibility and collaboration.

This paradigm shift in office design, commonly referred to as modern office design, is what we will explore through 25 examples spanning various industries.

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What is Modern Office Interior Design?

Modern office interior design is a popular vertical of interior design that places a paramount focus on enhancing employee comfort and the creation of functional and productive workspaces.

In the contemporary corporate landscape, teamwork, communication, and productivity stand as pivotal forces driving organizations toward essential milestones. As a response to these considerations, modern office interior design prioritises not only employee comfort and aesthetics but also integrates the latest trends, technologies, and work practices.

Open areas, flexible furniture, expanded use of light and personal touches that make the overall feel homely are some of the overarching features common to modern office design. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the common elements.

  1. Colour psychology: In modern office design, colours are strategically chosen to influence mood, productivity, and creativity. For instance, calming blues and greens may be employed in areas where focus is essential while energizing reds or yellows might be used in collaborative spaces.

  2. Biophilic architecture: Biophilic design brings elements of nature into the office, fostering a connection with the outdoors and contributing to a healthier and more relaxed atmosphere. This can include the incorporation of natural light, indoor plants, and even nature-inspired textures and patterns.

  3. Integrated technology: Modern offices leverage integrated technology to streamline work processes, support efficiency and enhance collaboration. This may involve amenities like smart lighting systems, wireless charging stations, and video conferencing facilities.

  4. Ergonomic furniture: Ergonomic furniture is a cornerstone of modern office design. Adjustable chairs, and sit-stand desks, are all examples of ergonomic furniture.

  5. Adjustable workstations: Crucial to modern office designs, adjustable workstations recognize the diverse needs of employees, allows teams to communicate freely, and also fosters a welcoming ambience.

  6. Light Integration: Prioritising natural light sources through large windows, skylights, and glass partitions is a common feature in modern office design. Modern offices also use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a well-balanced and adaptable lighting scheme.

Now, let’s move on to examples of modern office designs across various sectors.

Examples of Modern Interior Design for Corporate Offices

1. Sky Central Headquarters In United Kingdom

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Sky Central's remarkable UK headquarters, conceived by Hassell Studio, epitomises the sleek and uncluttered aesthetic of modern corporate offices. The design adopts a gallery-inspired approach, showcasing oak-legged furniture, creating an environment that fosters a sense of homeliness for employees. To enhance the friendliness, multicoloured, no-chrome decorations are strategically employed. An additional noteworthy feature is the spectacular glued laminated timber ceiling, which not only adds a touch of architectural elegance but also contributes to the overall aesthetic coherence of the space.

2. Loro Piana Headquarters in Milan

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (3)


The newly established Loro Piana headquarters in Cortille della Seta, Milan, epitomises a fusion of sobriety and elegance within its corporate office. Crafted by UniFor, every aspect of the design emphasises thin, light, and sustainable, elements such as natural oak, bone-coloured metal, and kummel fabrics to align with the brand's identity. The open space layout is a deliberate choice to foster interaction among individuals and promote interpersonal exchange, collaboration, and connectivity.

3. 5.11 Tactical’s Headquarters in California

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (4)


5.11 Tactical's headquarters adopts a distinctive layout characterised by a sombre and darker aesthetic. The design incorporates textured strap materials, from 5.11's product line, into sculptural walls and ceilings to create a visually captivating dimension. The inclusion of strategically placed overhead lighting is a notable feature, effectively establishing zones within the workspace for group activities and discussions. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, the design prioritises functionality with flexible workstations.

4. Builders Asphalt’s Headquarters in Illinois

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (5)


Drawing inspiration from the earth, Builders Asphalt’s headquarters was designed with materials reminiscent of the business's core. The overall design approach was inspired by Scandinavian principles, evident in the artfully combined warm woods and clean linen with light neutral colours to cultivate a minimalist look. Subtle yet impactful blue accents are utilised throughout the office, paying homage to the signature 'Builders Blue.' This design ethos was further harmonised with pristine white walls and bright LED lighting to achieve an uncluttered modern ambience.

5. Woodbourne Corporate Office in Toronto

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (6)


A testament to sophistication, the Woodbourne corporate office skillfully blends meticulous details with impeccable finishes. Designed by Figur3, the interior embraces a clean architectural palette, featuring linear details, monochromatic layering, and luxurious accents. Natural materials, warm woods, and strategically placed live plants lend a timeless and refined ambience to the open layout of the office, also contributing to the sense of privacy. The result is a head office that seamlessly combines sophistication, functionality, and a mindful connection to nature, reflecting Woodbourne's commitment to a distinguished workplace experience.

Examples of Modern Interior Design for Industrial Offices

1. Madwell Corporate Office in Brooklyn

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (7)


Madwell's Brooklyn Offices embrace an industrial design that harmonises private and open workstations, mirroring the dynamic nature of their business. Expansive open areas feature strategically positioned skylights that bathe the workspace in natural light. The industrial aesthetic is preserved by repurposing existing architectural elements with monochromatic paint, exposed concrete, and a collage of textures formed by diverse brick sizes. Roof trusses, walls, and floors are painted in light grey and white tones and serve as a neutral backdrop to raw vibrant colour accents to invigorate the space with creativity and energy.

2. The Electric Works Office in Indiana

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (8)


The Electric Works project manifests an industrial office interior with a robust character, seamlessly blending the company's rich legacy with its forward-looking pursuits. Local art and woodwork, integral to the company's heritage, are thoughtfully incorporated into the design. Given the limited access to natural light, the lighting system is complemented by wall coverings, introducing bursts of light into the space. Copper chandeliers, intentionally integrated lighting, vibrant colours, engaging patterns, and flexible furniture breathe life into shared collaborative areas, accommodating diverse work styles. Visible beams and wooden furnishings- quintessential industrial elements, juxtaposed with sleek flooring, achieve a harmonious balance that infuses rugged industrial design with a contemporary flair.

3. Sustainable Ventures Workspace in London

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (9)


Sustainable Ventures' newly reimagined London Workspace exemplifies a commitment to eco-conscious industrial office design. Preserving the authentic character of the century-old building, the design celebrates its inherent charm through the incorporation of exposed walls, visible beams, and the retention of original doors, windows, and finishes. This authenticity is further enhanced with several eco-friendly and strategic embellishments, such as sustainable panels crafted from agricultural waste, baux wood, and valchromats. The office space is adorned with construction waste terrazzo flooring and illuminated by cardboard light fittings, creating a harmonious balance between vibrant indoor furniture and a neutral palette.

4. Nucleus Financial’s Office in Edinburgh

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (10)


The 10,000 sq ft office design by Form in Edinburgh stands as a testament to the innovation-led culture fostered by Nucleus Financial. The exposed coffered ceilings serve as a distinctive reflection of the past, while the cutting-edge metal services symbolize the company's commitment to technological innovation. Brand colours, predominantly grey and orange, take centre stage through dynamic plank carpeting, creating a visually stimulating environment. This vibrant pattern is thoughtfully counterbalanced by the introduction of neutral-coloured furnishings symmetrically arranged in the hot-desk layout.

5. Stronghold Engineering’s Office in California

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (11)


Stronghold Engineering's industrial office interior is a bespoke blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary elements. The open-concept layout is decorated with metal screen elements, offering clear separation while preserving a sense of spaciousness. Abacus-styled light fixtures and a custom crank chandelier also contribute to the distinctive character, while a live-edge wood desk adds a touch of natural elegance.

Examples of Modern Interior Design for Medical Offices

1. LDI Office in California

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (12)


The LDI Medical office exemplifies how healthcare interior design can seamlessly integrate different concepts to create a serene atmosphere. The office design primarily relies on a monochromatic colour scheme, dominated by beige and white to achieve a soothing aesthetic. Textured walls and wooden panels subtly punctuate the room, introducing variation within the sombre colour scheme. The thoughtful inclusion of plants injects a pop of colour while maintaining overall serenity. The space features a well-balanced combination of task, accent, and slimline bar lights, all of which are complemented by sleek furnishings.

2. Mudgil Practices Office in New York

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (13)


This dentistry zone at Mudgil Practices exemplifies the true essence of modern medical offices, emphasising the interplay of colours, materials, and patterns. Embracing a minimalist design concept, the space features a restrained material palette set against a predominantly white backdrop. The deliberate simplicity and cleanliness of the aesthetics create a calming atmosphere, particularly noteworthy in a dentistry setting. Against the backdrop of surgical chairs and narrowband lights, the design promotes a sense of peace, fostering an environment that aligns with the specialised nature of dental health practices.

3. Paris Dental Studio in Paris

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (14)


Conceived with a vision that combines pragmatism and creativity, the Paris Dental Studio seeks to redefine the typical patient experience. Departing from the traditionally intimidating dental office aesthetic, the interiors deliver a sense of warmth and homeliness to patients. This ambience is cultivated through a single, curving oak panel-clad wall running the length of the studio, fostering a cohesive environment. The canopy and openwork ceiling illuminate the space, countering the dark wood colour. Luxurious elements such as cushioned alcoves, ambient lighting, and a neutral colour palette further unify the design by establishing a harmonious balance among varying ceiling heights.

4. Arlington Dermatology Office in Virginia

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (15)


Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design principles, this dermatologist clinic embraces a minimalist aesthetic. The wooden flooring, coated with epoxy, not only provides a glossy sheen but also preserves the inherent elegance of timber. A blend of natural and accented lighting systems enhances the office's sophistication and luxury. A golden-coloured alcove serves as a vibrant focal point against the neutral palette and complements the cushioned wooden chairs. This design approach harmoniously marries practicality with a touch of lavishness, creating a refined and inviting atmosphere in the clinic.

5. Cohen Children’s Northwell Health Paediatric Cardiology Clinic in New York

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (16)


The renovation of the Cohen Children’s Northwell Health Paediatric Cardiology Clinic involved converting a warehouse into an enjoyable and interactive environment for young patients. The interior design offers access to natural light through integrated floor-to-ceiling windows, along with a lively colour palette of orange, green, and blue, creating a playful atmosphere. Overhead lighting, adorned with a curved soffit light and natural wood ceiling treatment, adds a touch of elegance. Playfulness is further accentuated with circular light fixtures and a variety of furniture tailored to suit the clinic's youthful clientele.

Examples of Modern Interior Design for Luxury Offices

1. Livesport’s Office in Prague

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (17)


Incorporating a contemporary gym-inspired aesthetic, Livesport's new luxury office design by Studio Reaktor achieves a harmonious blend of sportiness and sophistication. The design adheres to a predominantly achromatic colour palette, accentuated by opulent touches of gold and pink. A focal point of the design is the flooring, featuring a motif resembling an athletic track with dynamic waves of curved and straight white lines. Grey textured carpeting complements the jet-black ceiling and exposed concrete, while accent lighting and metal partitions contribute to the overall affluent appearance of the office.

2. Sarah and H. Ross Perot Jr.'s Penthouse in Dallas

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (18)


Within Sarah and H. Ross Perot Jr.'s Dallas penthouse, their opulent home office is a pinnacle of luxurious refinement. Executed by Emily Summer’s architectural team, the focal point of the room is the African teak cabinetry, introducing unmatched sophistication and warmth. Minimalist, sleek furnishings exude casual elegance against the panorama of expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, facilitating abundant access to natural daylight. Infusing the space with vitality and personalised allure, the Hungarian artist Zsolt Bodoni-Dombi's painting, "One More Day 4", serves as the crowning touch.

3. Marine Interiors Office in Italy

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (19)


The luxury office interior design for Marine Interiors blends the company's core operations with its workspace aesthetics. Quadrifoglio Group embraces key naval materials, such as wood, steel, and glass to form the foundation of this design. Dividend walls and wall units showcase a Canaletto walnut finish, starkly juxtaposed against the crisp ceiling edges of aluminium profiles. The flooring, adorned with grey carpeting, complements the decorative yellow lighting accents and semi-partitioned hot desks.

4. St Bart’s Home Office in Indiana

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (20)


In Charles Gwathmey's design for the St. Barts home office, opulence meets comfort. The focal point is the Kang Chang-crafted sucupira wood desk, a masterpiece that echoes classic design principles, complemented by a backdrop of rich wood flooring. Culture meets class through Hans Wegner's swivel chairs and a Boffi ceiling fan. Adding a personal touch is a vibrant collection of books showcased against a concrete alcove.

5. SRRM Marketing Office in Chhattisgarh

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (21)


The SRRM Marketing Office celebrates the power of monochromatic palettes. The interior incorporates an earthy palette accented with gold and embellishments to draw the attention of the viewer. Shades of grey and beige impart a refined and sophisticated aesthetic, seamlessly complementing the nano-coated micro-cemented floors. However, the true focal point, enhancing the space's regal ambience, lies in the strategic utilisation of natural light. Illuminating the rich accents thoughtfully placed throughout the office, natural light becomes a key element in creating a workspace that exudes both warmth and sophistication.

Examples of Modern Interior Design for Real Estate Offices

1. Landau + Kindelbacher’s Office in Zurich

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (22)


Landau + Kindelbacher’s new high-rise real estate office in Zurich is reminiscent of the classic 1950s design style, reimagined with modern materials and design schemes. Black marble flooring exudes an air of contemporary elegance, set against high-gloss furniture and polished brass accents. A distinctive golden lighting system, characterised by angular dimensions, enhances the overall aesthetic against a dark backdrop. This effect is further intensified by the floor-to-ceiling light access, allowing the design features to stand out prominently.

2. Pramukh Office in Vadodara

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (23)


Adopting a minimal and contemporary approach to modern office interior design, the Pramukh real estate office stands out with its innovative use of furniture and accessories to optimise space. The concept departs from traditional cubicle design and features an open space layout adorned with teakwood-finished desks and black velvet sofas. These furnishings are strategically placed to highlight the exposed brick walls to introduce a sense of refinement to the inherently raw design concept. Glass partitions are thoughtfully integrated for privacy, accompanied by green planters that contribute a touch of colour to the neutral colour scheme, elevating the overall aesthetic.

3. Square Consultancy Services Office in Kolkata

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (24)


Steering clear of the rustic and classy concept, the Square Consultancy real estate office embraces a rather progressive and youthful approach with a Contemporary Bohemian design style. A white and grey colour palette dominates the overall design scheme, serving as a foundation for cheerful accessories and furnishing. The interiors incorporate multicoloured sofas and loungers instead of the typical conference table, aligning with the brand's message of creativity and active communication. This ethos is further embodied through sleek glass messaging, serving as both a channel for natural light and a means of maintaining privacy.

4. MAP Office in Turkey

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (25)


Inspired by the pure and modern aesthetic, MAP Real Estate’s office design predominantly incorporates wood and a pristine white colour scheme to achieve a clean and professional design. This contemporary approach is balanced through artistic sculptures, paintings, and biophilic elements that inject vitality into the space. The design also employs transparent glass partitions to maintain a cohesive yet private interior. Enhanced by ergonomic furniture and grey flooring, the workspace benefits from abundant natural light pouring through ceiling-to-floor windows.

5. 80 Fenchurch Street Office in London

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (26)


The 80 Fenchurch Street Office stands as a true testament to luxury nestled in functionality. The centrally positioned atrium steals the spotlight, its captivating downward spiral providing a unique visual experience. Beyond aesthetics, the atrium functions as a vital channel for the lavish lighting system. The interiors boast varied elevations, adorned with refined Portuguese limestone that seamlessly complements the column-free floor plates.

How To Get Started With Modern Office Interior Design

Designing a modern office requires careful consideration of various factors. However, to get started with interior design and create impressive spaces, you need far more than just online inspiration.

Here are a few actions you can consider to master the field and create excellent spaces of your own.

Pursue a formal qualification- Enrolling for an industry-relevant course is one of the best ways to gain expertise in the field. Whether you are a new designer or a seasoned professional, specialised programs in the field can open doors to better opportunities.

Consult professionals for guidance- Engaging with experienced architects or interior designers specialising in modern office spaces can help bring expertise and creativity to your design process. Attending workshops, bootcamps or even following works of known industry leaders can be great ways of passively seeking guidance.

Gain practical experience- Given the hands-on nature of interior design, it is imperative you gain practical experience to refine your skillset. This can be particularly important if you wish to pursue a career in modern office interior design. Passion projects, volunteer work, shadowing or internships are some means you can consider.

Build a relevant portfolio- An interior design portfolio is a visual representation of your design approach and capabilities. It allows clients and hiring managers to understand your style and can be integral in landing opportunities. You can take a look at AND learner Jaladhi Shah’s Commercial Design Project for inspiration.

Next Steps:

We hope our comprehensive list of modern office interior design examples could inspire the creative genius within you. If, however, you are looking for further assistance, here are some resources you can consider:

  1. Watch this session by Snehanshu Mukherjee, Founding Partner at T.E.A.M and Mansi Almadi, an Interior Designer at Studio Lotus
  2. Talk to a course advisor to discuss how you can transform your career with one of our courses.
  3. Check out our Interior Design courses - all courses are taught through live, interactive classes by industry experts.
  4. Take advantage of our scholarship and funding options to overcome any financial hurdle on the path of your career transformation.

Note: All information and/or data from external sources is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication.

25 Modern Office Interior Design Examples for 2024 | AND Academy (2024)


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