Starfield release date revealed and it's an Xbox console exclusive (2024)

Starfield release date revealed and it's an Xbox console exclusive (1)

The Starfield release date is November 11, 2022, and it's an Xbox console exclusive.

Earlier today, The Washington Post published a new trailer for Starfield, where the release date of November 11, 2022 was revealed for Bethesda's new game. While we can pretty safely assume this trailer was accidentally published by the outlet, it's also a pretty safe bet that this is the trailer that will debut later today during the Xbox E3 showcase.

The trailer also revealed that the new game is going to be exclusive to Xbox consoles. Not only that, but it'll actually be a console exclusive for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, so it won't be coming to either the Xbox One, PS4, or PS5. It will, however, be coming to the PC.

Additionally, Starfield will be available to play on Xbox Game Pass on the same day that it launches. This is surely welcome news to Bethesda fans, who get to play the developer's first new IP in over 25 on day one for a subscription price. The leaked trailer also revealed that Starfield will be playable via the Cloud when it launches, meaning you'll be able to stream the game to your phone or tablet with Xbox Game Pass.

Well, this is certainly one way for the new Starfield trailer and release date to be revealed. Previously, a rumor claimed that Bethesda's new RPG was targeting a release window of late 2022, which is almost certainly set to be revealed at the Xbox E3 2021 presentation, so this is confirmation of that rumor from earlier this month in fact being accurate.

However, there's no sign of Tom Cruise. You might recall that a fairly outlandish rumor claimed just a few weeks ago that the Hollywood megastar would be acting in Bethesda's new game, but speaking to The Telegraph shortly after the reveal of the new Starfield trailer, game director Todd Howard denied that Cruise was in any way involved with the new game.

For everything you need to know about successive showcases happening this weekend, head over to our full E3 2021 schedule guide for more.

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Starfield release date revealed and it's an Xbox console exclusive (2024)


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