Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working, How To Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working? (2024)

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Starfield shielded cargo not working

If you are experiencing Shielded Cargo issues in Starfield, it could be due to a number of reasons. First, you may have illegal or prohibited items in your inventory rather than the legal cargo your hold should contain. Regardless of whether your shipment has any safeguards, scanners will always detect these prohibited items in your inventory. This may cause your Shielded Cargo to not function as expected.

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How to fix Starfield Shielded Cargo not working issue?

Check for contraband:

  • Make sure the material you intend to smuggle is indeed contraband. If you are trying to ship legal items, blocking the shipment will be of no use as not all products are illegal.

Verify cargo placement:

  • Confirm that contraband is placed in cargo holds designated for shielded cargo. If they are not stored in this specific location, they will not benefit from masking.

Check capacity:

  • Make sure you have enough shielded cargo capacity to accommodate the contraband you wish to smuggle. The amount of contraband you can transport without detection depends on the screened cargo bays you have available.

Scanner awareness:

  • Be careful of powerful scanners nearby. Even with blocking, advanced scanning equipment can still detect contraband. Make sure you are not being watched by such scanners when trying to smuggle your goods.


Why is Starfield Shielded Cargo not working?

Common causes of Starfield shielded cargo failure:

Contraband inventory:

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One of the main reasons for shielding cargo to fail is the presence of contraband in your personal inventory rather than in the ship’s cargo hold. Whether your shipment is blocked or not, scanners can easily detect contraband.

Inadequate cargo hold shielding:

Another factor contributing to shielded cargo failures is insufficient quality of cargo hold shielding. These shielded cargo compartments come in a variety of sizes, price ranges, and protection levels, with higher levels providing better protection from scans.

Advanced Scanner:

Shielding cargo may also fail when faced with advanced scanners capable of breaching cargo shielding. Some planets or organizations may possess this cutting-edge scanning technology, allowing them to detect even well-protected cargo and uncover illicit cargo.

starry sky

“Starfield” is developed and published by Bethesda Game Studios, and was unveiled at Bethesda’s E3 conference in 2018. Set in a space-themed setting, the action RPG marks Bethesda’s first new intellectual property in nearly three decades. It is expected to release on September 6, 2023 on Windows and Xbox Series X/S.

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Starfield was critically acclaimed for its open-ended gameplay, combat, visuals, music, and improved technical performance compared to Bethesda’s previous games. However, critics were more diverse in their opinions of its story and exploration aspects.

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Starfield is an action role-playing game set in an open-world galaxy with over 1,000 planets, moons, and space stations to explore. Players can switch between first-person and third-person views. The game features procedurally generated landscapes, as well as hand-crafted content, terrain, and alien life based on the planet’s stars and atmosphere. The largest city, New Atlantis, is huge. Players can recruit NPCs to join their party, assist in combat, and interact with other characters.

Customization options include body type, appearance, background, and characteristics that affect gameplay. Characters level up in five skill trees and have a variety of weapons and attachments. A jetpack aids in combat and traversal. Planets can be scanned for resources and outposts can be built for research and crafting. Players can own and customize ships, trade or fight other NPC ships, and even board them.

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Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working, How To Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working? (2024)


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