TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse (2024)

What you are seeing is the fruits of a month of labor!

Mod description:

It's here!! My first DLC-sized mod is finished and ready for all of you to enjoy! This was quite the undertaking but I am so happy to finally hand it off to this beautiful community. Hoping this will breathe some life into the game before the first DLC.

Follow these videos below

These both do the same thing.

Migration Tool video 2

Migration Tool video 1

This mod is a continuation of my building/player homes mod!
This mod also combines some of my prior mods into a whole new system for consolidation and immersion.

This mod is still in development and this is literally just the beginning I have a hell of a lot more I'd like to do and only posted this to get it out there.

Build that picture-perfect colony! not just an outpost, make a big defense system! Build massive mechs, set up an industrial agriculture complex and much much more!

Long overview:



This mod is meant to be a comprehensive rethink/change/addition to the outpost system, its production systems, and many other aspects. The idea is to turn the outpost system into an immersive space colonization simulator, using elements from the game's core lore and story.

"While wandering the countryside of many beautiful worlds all I could see is areas of great potential and thought.... "With the right material, building a city/farm/personal home, in this location would be amazing." The dream is to take all the beauty and give you the tools to take that space and make something special. Whether that be a building, a beautiful and thriving colony, an expansive farm, your resource super generator, or even your own singular house growing one plot of bananas on the moon, it's all up to you. The focus is less on building egg pods and weird space hab shells, "that look just fine btw" and more on making functional, rustic, and realistic-looking settlements.

The other core functions of this mod is to:

Make a production line-based resource generation system

Make your colony more centralized and less about being forced to have many different outposts to get a ton of completely individual materials from all across the galaxy. And allow for it all to be reasonably mined from a signal location, with a lore-friendly spin.

I have also been working on a farming system for a few months here and there and wanted to incorporate this into a whole system.

This mod is the bedrock of a much larger collection of ideas I have for the future of this game, and may, or may not, serve as my hub mod for future projects.
Once the ck comes out and better editing tools that support advanced implementation become available, I will be adding so much more.
With that being said, if you like this mod, I'd recommend tracking it, as I intended to update it with new stuff regularly. With this being the initial release, this mod is just starting its journey, with plenty of new things to come.

Things like:

Scripts that will change the biome and climate based on your outpost and what you've set up. Giving us the chance to terraform or destroy a planet, it's biosphere, and other potential interesting ideas.

NPC ships arrive at the colony and offload prospective buyers and other NPCs to visit. As well as cargo ships coming and going, making your new colony feel like it has a thriving spaceport. In addition, I'd like some of these new arrivals to be unique crew or NPCs with standard quests as well, more on that later.

NPCs will need food, water, and other things, as well as, packages that tie them to the settlement you build.

What to expect and what this includes:

This mod includes many new fully constructed buildings that are prefabricated and buildable
"All hand-made painfully via nifskope"

In addition to those new Buildings some function as logistical or production operations for your colony.

Functions like:
The bar and chunks franchises will generate passive income for you the player

Powerplants....... Will generate power etc

There is a new resource generation system.
I made new fracking stations that mine the following without restrictions
Iron / Aluminum / copper / nickel / Lead / cobalt / Neodymium / Lithium /

In addition to those fracking stations, I've included companion converters called iron grinders: these machines will grind iron ore and extract enough trace elements to produce Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

You'll be able to harvest all ores up to uncommon. Past that, you will have to find the resources.

Now you can harvest these resources at any location with no requirements
In addition / helium-3 can also be harvested through a converter
I've also added nitrogen as a resource, which can be harvested through a converter.

"Disclaimer" I added these ingots long before the mod that also adds ingots. my mod does not alter the entire vanilla crafting system"
I've added back ingots to the game!
You can now smelt raw ore into ingots to craft some of the products I've made for the mod or sell them for bulk sale value.
On top of selling bulk ingots for trade value, I've made a bulk packing conversion system where you can pack products into bulk and sell them at double their value or more. The packing systems are all automatic and will work similarly to fabrication units.

Other new production systems generate resources

One of the main features I've included is a full farming system! You can now farm, craft, and sell new fruits and veggies!!
have livestock

I've added over 40 new farmable plants and production items. These can be sold, used in crafting, or eaten.

"Disclaimer, yes, I saw that someone else had made produce packing, understand that I have also been doing that for a few months now. I see no reason why both mods can't co-exist."

In addition to the new farming system, I've added all the farmable flora!!!! But there's a twist, I made their fruits pickable and obtainable. All of the wild exotic fruits have been named, given lore, and now added to the crafting system with unique crafting abilities.

New automated production systems that loop into one another for a fun production system experience.

The new farming system is supplemented with a new workbench called the colony food printer.

I've added a whole host of new food items and recipes to go with the farm system, I've also combined my Nuka cola mod and plated not crated modto utilize the farming items for a more immersive crafting experience and to consolidate ESM space.

The bio-domes!!!
In addition to everything else, I've added the classic sci-fi arcology structures that are the mega bio-dome. These domes are biome-themed and allow the player to bring a slice of any biome they enjoy to any world they're on. You can now deploy a patch of green to Earth, the moon, or anywhere else.
They come with a sealed environment and breathable atmosphere.

"Yes, they are massive, they're meant to be a whole colony in one."

On top of the ATMO generated from the domes, I've made atmosphere generators that will do exactly what it says on the tin.

There are shield generators, these are more meant to give the illusion of holding in the atmosphere rather than defend, as of now they don't actually do anything and they are meant for plans down the road when I have more time to develop this mod.

I have plans to make terraforming a thing later on when scripts become more modular

And now, for the spicy things everyone really wants to know about!

We hear about, colony war this, and colony war that, and see vague and very light effects of this monumental event that changed all of the current existing humanity and I thought.... Hmmm, I'd like to do something with that.
Why wouldn't some rouge explorer make relics from that bygone era again if they've been made before? More so when we can print out habitation structures at will.

Yes, Mechs are now craftable and added to outpost defenses!!! Using lore from the game
There is a large variety of them to pick from! And more will be added soon!

On top of these Mechs, players can now craft many new turrets.
Mid-sized to heavy defense to superweapons!!

Expect everything from a new set of non-lethal turrets meant for incapacitating hostiles for future capture and take-down mods. To experimental anti-gravity cannons!

Built in the colony wars these colossal Titans saturate the battlefield with heavy firepower.
These defenses have a wide variety of weapon systems that I hope you all will enjoy!

Fair warning: "Yes some of the Titans are indeed overpowered, this is intentional, if you do not like that, do not build them."

The superweapons are ground planetary defense weapons used in the late colony wars!
From Macro ballistic canons to anti-ship lasers.

All relics that have not been seen since the colony wars.

Fair warning," the super weapons are indeed super weapons and are, in fact, very overpowered, this is intentional, if you don't like that don't build them then. For those who want extreme defense, however, these are for you!"

You can now hire/build/recruit civilians, soldiers, and colonists for your colony.

Important info:

"Disclaimer: sure, I could've added all these into a whole new category system, but I felt there's already so much overlap and I'm not going to look into every mod on Nexus to figure that out, I've just simply included my items into the vanilla outpost system to make things less broken and less complicated,

"this only refers to my buildings and stuff included in the outpost build menu."

Outpost menu layout:



I will list the vanilla menu title and what I added in that menu.


Simple containers for storage.

Slot 1: All of the ingot smelters
Slot 2: All of the ore harvesting units
Slot 3: Passive Resource generators / These don't require additional ingredients to operate"
Slot 4: Farm Crop Greenhouses / Apart from base plants these solar farms will automatically produce crops"
Slot 5: Farm Stuff / Greenhouses, farm plots, and other farm-related items."
Slot 6: Intakae Resource producers /These will require some operational cost, these produce or convert resources into other crafting components"
Slot 7: All of the Automatic Packing Stations: /these pack items into bulk goods for market value"
Slot 8: Singular Farm crops "Plants" /The plants are pickable and will regenerate "
Slot 9: Working custom vending machines
Slot 10: Wild Farm Crops /A fun new feature! I've converted all of the wild flora into plantable and farmable crops that produce new items."

Slot 1: Colony utilities: /this includes stuff like oxygen generators, shield generators, a glass dome, and some rooftop solar generators."
Slot 2: Production building: /this will include your own Bar and chunks franchise"
Slot 3: The Main buildings! /this will include all of the main buildings for your colony, "Yes I will add many more."
Slot 4: Personal Houses /All of these can be used as colony buildings but also primarily act as options for player homes
Slot 5: Defensive structures / Walls, Gates, towers, and an entire square fortress compound "whole piece."
Slot 6: The Bio-Domes!! /Large one colony structures that act as a massive arcology structure."

Colony Creation Fabricator: /Has general crafting items and deployable turrets "These are in the implementation phase still"
Colony Food printer: /This prints new food items! Yes, it's a cooking station."
Colony Drink Station: /Makes drinks
Colony packing station: /The manual packing station for your colony's bulk goods
Colony Cloning station: / Lost your companion? take their commitment item and clone them to have them back!

Slot 1: Colony Military: /Your own private military: Adds 9 classes
Slot 2: Mid-Defense Turrets: / an extensive list of 23 different defense turrets all stylized
Slot: 3 Large-Defense Turrets: / Larger Colony Defensive systems to stop just about anything
Slot 4: Super weapons: / Planetary Defense systems! "These are super powerful
Slot 5: Turret stands / Use these to place your turrets on a higher ground

"Please read placement directions."

Slot 6: The Titans!!! / I've added new, colossal, battle titans not seen since the colony war!
Slot 7: Random Dummy /A Random target dummy "This will aggro allies "Initially I had more targets but the recent update broke all of that."

Slot 1: Colonists /All colonists have the player faction, as of right now they don't do much aside from wander around, but that will change."
Slot 2: Colonists dwellings /Little shacks for your colonists to live in."
Slot 3: Bio-Dome Flora /General Decorative Flora, I didn't add too much as I never used any of the "I've added every vanilla static." outpost mod
Slot 4: Bio-Dome Grass and stuff /Bio-Dome Grass and stuff."
Slot: 5: Tundra Biome items /snowy items for the snow-dome
Slot 6: Cactus "I will add more to this later"

Disclaimer "for whatever reason your game experience may vary, due to completely unquantifiable things I can never anticipate regarding this game, the amount of mods available and the use of unofficial tools, game changing archive mods, multiple third party mod instation applications, their reliability, two different mod installation locations, the implementation of the game itself and many many other things it is impossible to tell how a mod is going to react to a players game, while 90% of people who've downloaded my mods say they have 0 issues and they work perfect there's that 10% who all have issues that are wild, inconsistent and something I've generally never seen or experienced. Please save your game often, make sure you understand how to install a mod and how to troubleshoot it if something doesn't work and keep in mind that this is pre-official mod support.

With that being said the majority have no problems and if you do have one please do not be afraid to mention it.

Additional instructions:

Use the auto greenhouse to connect to the compost bin to make compost.

Disclaimer: "While I did have this mod tested, it wasn't as heavily tested as I'd like and there's bound to be something somewhere.This game is super inconsistent when it comes to operation and function and there are 1000s of mods already out there. understand modding is also not fully and officially supported please save your game often and keep this in mind.Side note: Myself and the people I've managed to poke with a fork to test this out have not experienced much in terms of issues."

Another note: as mentioned above this mod uses some of my other mods, that means that you will be promoted or warned that these files do indeed contain meshes / textures etc from the my other mods. Be aware and just replace them it should be fine.

Please note: there are two game bugs when placing NPCs, sometimes the game won't agree with a particular NPc and it will refuse to allow you to build any more, just delete the problem npc and it will fix this issue and it will allow you to post that npc again.
This same bug also happens when wild animals wander in your outpostIf your outpost is too high or too low.
If your near a major settlement.
If you're on a particular planet.

When placing the turret stand towers: they will not be visible and will be underground, "this is intentional." Don't worry, they will place just fine, simply raise the tower to the height you'd prefer.

When placing Area Effect lighting:
Area effect lighting will light an entire area, to increase the light radius just raise or lower the light from the ground. the higher up the light goes the more the surface area is illuminated.

Placement of the fortress wall:
The whole stronghold/fort wall. The wall has to be placed in a blank outpost, "for some people." I have no problem placing it wherever I want, others have issues. For the best experience place this wall at a blank outpost.

The mango trees: For me, I can only place the mango trees in first-person view and not top-down. This may be different for other people.

The colony highrise:
This massive building is massive and lighting it caused a hell of a lot of lag. To reduce the lag I decided not to light the entire building and just left it to you the player to light the building instead. Lighting the entire building will be easy, just place the area effect lighting on the roof a few times and it will light the entire building with one light.

Other Notes:
For some buildings, for some people, spawn underground. It's very inconsistent but it works and all you need to do is just raise the build out from under the ground.

For the cloning station: please note that the companion clones will only operate off of their current packages, this means if you cheat and clone Andreja before you meet here in the game, she will not interact with you and will be broken. I made their commitment items as a clone item requirement for a reason.

The ore smelters require ore to operate:

Do this / After watching that video you'll need(Plugins-Enabler). go here and read the description and do exactly what it says there and you should be fine.
Installation Guide

If you installed the mod and do not see the mod in the workbench you did not install this mod properly, please do not post in my comments about it, please look up a tutorial on how to install mods with ESM files. I am tired of responding to this several times a day.




Installation Guide

Use Vortex: "I've heard people have had issues with Vortex lately / if you don't use Vortex use mod manager. "

If a mod has an ESM file you will need to enable the ESM otherwise the drag-and-drop method will not work.
If Vortex doesn't work, drag and drop all of the files in the data folder into your Documents/Mygames/Starfield/ or steamapps/common/starfield/data. And then be sure to activate/enable the ESM

If you placed the files in your root folder and it is still not showing up try placing them in your documents file location.

If you are still having issues I recommend following it up with a plugin enabler "If you are manually installing" a plugin enabler will be mandatory. If you do not enable the ESM the mod will not show up.

(plugin enabler)

If you use the mod from the link above be sure to follow the directions included on that mods page.

Don't forget to keep everything updated and enable your custom.ini <-- if you do not know what that is, I 100% encourage you to look it up and look up a few introductions"how to install starfield mods" tutorials to help you better understand what you are doing, this is important because not knowing what you are doing you could break your game.

If the model doesn't show up in-game, more than likely:

You've updated your game or custom folder and it's changed its ability to load mods
Baka whatever updated or any of the other major game-changing experimental mods that rewrite major system functions have updated.
The installation location or method of installation is incorrect.
The mod is missing packed files."If you open the folder and see that all of the files are there then you can rule this out."
The ESM failed to activate.
You have not enabled your custom.ini
You have not placed Plugin Enabler in the correct file location
You are not running the game with the SFSE exe and instead are launching it with steams exe.
Or many many many other problems, as I always say. It's good to look up tutorials on how to mod games first.

Lastly: if you notice that everyone else has the mod in particular working and you do not, then there is a 99% chance it is likely the way you are trying to install the mod and not the fault of the mod you are trying to install. "Showing up and exclaiming a mod is broken because you don't see it, despite the vast majority of other people seeing it, is a bit disingenuous and misinformed." Don't take this as an anti-asking question mission, questions and confusion are natural and normal and there is nothing wrong with asking for clarification. There is just a big difference between asking a question about something versus blaming a mod outright for your confusion.

Final disclaimer: "I found some of the fruits and veggies on various free 3D model sites and did my best due diligence to credit the proper authors, please keep in mind, that credit is important and I take that seriously! With that being said, in the online world, a lot of files, models, and many other things get passed around uploaded, and downloaded to many places, and sometimes, due diligence isn't quite enough. "If you see something of yours in use, 100% message me and do not freak out and let me know that it is being used so I can properly credit you. It's as easy as starting a conversation.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Don't forget to endorse if you like this mod... that lets an author know to do more of that thing and feel validated over their hard work <3 Comments and support goes a really long way towards showing a modder modding is worth it. I like to put a lot of effort and detail into my mods and would appreciatethe little effort it takes to give me a thumbs up to keep me going. <3

Oh! I made a Ko-fi!!! maybe one day I can do this full time!!! Could you imagine?
Go here to support the habit

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TGs Galactic Colonies Expanse (2024)


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